Vibrant Nation: A Community of Women Comes Together

Women of all ages want and need to come together. When women discover the thread that connects them to each other, they are invariably strengthened and better armed for the challenges and transitions of life. Most women in their fifties have discovered the importance of friendships and support systems.

women having fun
girlfriends having fun

They want to expand their horizons, yet they are savvy and often worldly. They want to boost their happiness factor even though they live vital and joyful lives. Recently I was asked to write for Vibrant Nation. Vibrant Nation is a website community devoted to smart, independent, successful women age 50+ looking for ways to find mutual support. More than 80,000 women subscribe to the website.

Vibrant Nation offers a wealth of information and reflects the passion with which women want to share and connect. Each voice brings experience, richness, authenticity and usually a healthy dose of humor. Some of the topics covered on this site include sexuality, philanthropic world travel, people and politics, friendship, mind–body–spirit, health and beyond.

A compelling aspect of Vibrant Nation is the sense of community you feel once you subscribe. The conversations immediately grab your attention. Women coming together to support each other at any phase of life bring joy and vibrancy to their respective communities.

The secret is to find those communities that speak to you in meaningful ways. I have discovered that sense of community in my coaching groups, writing circle, mah jong club, and my ‘posse’ that comes together to celebrate each other on every possible occasion.

We need to build connection into our daily lives to live in greater balance and harmony. Without sharing experiences and our stories with each other, we are left to feel alone in dealing with life’s demands. The goal is to remain vibrant throughout all the decades of our lives. We need our tribes, communities, girlfriends, support systems – whatever you choose to call it, to live our happiest and most fulfilling lives.

Who are your supportive communities and how do they make you vibrant?


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