Randy Kamen, Ed.D., is an accomplished psychologist, educator and speaker.

Her best selling book, Behind the Therapy Door: Simple Strategies to Transform Your Life, teaches women strategies to help retrain the brain for greater positivity and success.

Dr. Kamen integrates the best of modern science and ancient traditions in her training sessions and workshops. All of her teaching is based in sound research.

For her twenty-five years in private practice she helped thousands of people suffering from loneliness, anxiety, depression, pain, low self-esteem, eating disorders, troubled marriages, aging and parenting challenges.

In the past she ran the Biofeedback Department at the Boston Pain Unit at Harvard's Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital where she pioneered new territory in mind-body medicine. She later joined the faculty at Boston University’s School of Dentistry––teaching stress and pain management and communication skills to faculty, staff and students.

Today Dr. Kamen trains and speaks at corporations, health institutions, universities,   hospitals, women’s groups, and religious institutions about the best strategies derived from mind-body medicine and positive psychology.

She writes for and contributes regularly to the,, and many other websites. Dr. Kamen has her own weekly television show on MVTV: Strategies to Spark Your Week. She is currently participating in a series of programs and master classes in England on the televisions show

Dr. Kamen recently launched BlueberryFieldsMV, a facility for retreats, workshops and events on Martha’s Vineyard.

Dr. Randy Kamen

Recent Topic Clients:

  • Universities and medical institutions: Harvard Medical School, Boston University, and Boston University School of Medicine, Tufts University, Syracuse University, University of Massachusetts, Lesley University
  • Hospitals: Massachusetts General Hospital, Beth Israel Hospital, Harvard Medical School’s Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Hospital for War- Injured Soldiers (Israel), Hadassah Medical Center (Israel), Chicago Rehabilitation Hospital, Institute of Chicago, Emerson Hospital
  • Corporations: WPO-YPO, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Warner-Lambert Co., Scott Paper Co., New England Telephone
  • Health spas and retreats: Omega Institution, Canyon Ranch (Lenox, Massachusetts; and Tucson, Arizona), The Red Mountain Resort and Spa (Ivins, Utah), The Sanctuary (Sedona, Arizona)
  • Religious institutions: Temple Shir Tikva and the Unitarian Church of Wayland,
  • Womens Groups: Dr. Kamen’s “What Women Need” Coaching Groups" developed by Dr. Kamen, which is a women’s group meeting monthly for learning and ongoing support

Featured in the media:

  • Print and online: Boston Globe, USA Today,,, Women Business Owners Today,, local newspapers
  • Radio: NPR, WRKO Boston, WBZ Boston, WVON Chicago, and the CBS Radio News, Jordan Rich Show, The Frankie Boyer Show
  • Television: MVTV, EmpoweredKidsTV in the UK, NBC and CBS news


  • Strategies to Retrain Your Brain for Positivity and Success
  • Develop a Resilient Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • Train Your Brain to Be Smarter and Happier
  • Learn the Keys to Making Lasting Change
  • Cultivate Your Personal and Professional Relationships
  • Discover the Meaning of Conscious Parenting
  • Build Positive Emotions and Manage Painful Ones
  • Thrive in the Face of Challenges and Transitions
  • Recalibrate Your Happiness Set Point
  • Boost Self-Compassion and Grounded Optimism

Dr. Randy Kamen is available for speaking engagements, workshops, retreats, and teleseminars at your organization. Click here to learn more. For more information, contact