Affirmations: Firing Up Your Brain

brain firing upIt’s possible to fire up your brain positively or negatively. Your thoughts shape your inner experience. Frequent use of affirmations helps keep you motivated and focused on the positive, in matters of love, work, or health.

Affirmations facilitate a more optimistic perspective and create a fertile condition for transforming one’s inner experience. They can be used to bring positive and lasting change to your life. Affirmations are simple, positive phrases that are repeated often to oneself. They form the core for developing the power of positive thinking. It is best to write down a phrase that represents something you are working towards. It helps to feel and believe that your desire has already been achieved. This kind of positive thinking accelerates the realization of your affirmation.

Then repeat your phrase as often as you want, after taking a few deep breaths to calm your mind and body. The repetition and the associated mental imagery influence the unconscious mind. Eventually this transforms one’s self-perception, behaviors, habits, actions and reactions.

All of our beliefs are learned thought patterns that we have developed since childhood. Affirmations positively influence the way you think and behave in the world. They do not necessarily undo the early negative messages that we internalized. However, affirmations do allow us to build a repertoire of positive statements that can ultimately override some of the earlier negative messages.

My recommendation is that you choose an affirmation that has meaning to you and practice it often. When you feel its effects and are ready to modify or change the statement then move on to another. You can build a library of affirmations that you use as needed. I have used them before giving a lecture, giving birth, delivering a difficult message to someone, or taking on just about any new challenge.

Some other affirmations:

  • I have enough, I am enough.
  • I feel loved and loving.
  • I am surrounded by light and love.
  • I feel strong, balanced and calm.

Think about an affirmation that is meaningful to you. Write it down and notice how it works for you. Please feel free to share your observations.

Wishing you love and inspiration,

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