Affirmations: The Power of Positive Thinking

woman flexing her arm in strengthYears ago while in college I used to begin my day with unconscious negativity. While getting ready for school, I would look in the mirror and say something like “Your skin looks lousy today.” “You look really tired.” “This is going to be an unbearably long day juggling work and school.” From the start I felt defeated. I didn’t realize how these thoughts were contributing to feeling bad about myself or the possibilities of the day.

On a whim I took a yoga class with a girlfriend more for exercise than for spiritual enlightenment. It was there that I was introduced to the idea of creating a positive state of mind with my own thoughts. I learned about the power of affirmations. At the time it was a complete shock to me that I could control my thoughts. I decided to give it a go.

My very first affirmation that I used while in my early twenties was, “I am whole and integrated.” I repeated this affirmation religiously as I swam laps, ran around the reservoir or just sat still. I decided to stick with this affirmation until I truly felt whole, healed and integrated. Eventually it did begin to feel true.

Since then I’ve learned much about the neurological changes that occur with one’s thoughts. There is an abundance of literature that now confirms the notion that your thoughts fire up different parts of the brain. When you consciously choose to change these thoughts different parts of the brain fire up accordingly. This suggests that with enough practice you can change the way the brain fires. That is, you can change a negative perspective to a more positive one with practice. WOW!

I particularly like the affirmation said by World War II’s empowered Rosie the Riveter, “I can do this.” Whenever I find myself feeling overwhelmed or facing a new challenge, I remind myself, “Okay Randy, you can do this!” It always seems to help and sometimes brings the added benefit of making me laugh.

You can foster the idea that the glass is half empty or half full. It all depends upon the thoughts that you choose to entertain. That which you focus on will inevitably become stronger. So it behooves us to bring our attention to the more positive perspective.Thoughts are powerfully involved in creating moment to moment reality.  Some of these thought patterns support our everyday life experiences and others sabotage us from achieving our goals and dreams. Which do you choose and what are your observations?

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