Being in the Moment

What does it mean to be in the moment? How can you learn to be truly present  rather than simply getting through another day on automatic pilot?

The truth is today is not just another day. It is the only day that you can count on. There are no guarantees about tomorrow or the day after. We, as humans, plan and the universe laughs. The moment you are in is the gift and your best response is to be open to whatever “is” today. The rest is in the past or in your wishes and fantasies about the future.

HummingbirdLife has a way of interfering with your thoughts of what is to come. Look around and soak in the present by breathing in the moment and allowing yourself to Be Here Now, as Ram Dass wrote about in his now iconic book.

Suffering comes from dwelling on the past and focusing on the future. Sadly many of us live in the darkness of yesterday and the yearning of what might be. The breath is the vehicle that helps us back to the now. When we come to our ‘senses’ we are free to experience ourselves in the present.

Being in the moment is not about doing anything in particular. It is about being able to do the dishes, fold the laundry, hang out with friends and know that this day, right now is unique. This moment is special and will never come again, nor will it ever be the same.

The blessing is taking in the sweetness of whatever lies before you today. Being in the moment is about being grateful for this breath, for this moment and filling your mind and heart with gratitude for the wonder of now.

What does being in the moment mean to you? How do you get yourself to experience the ‘now’ rather than living in the past or future?


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