Bringing a Book to Life

Throughout my life I’ve always had a secret passion for writing. Stacks of journals accumulated over the years line my office book shelves. My first journal dates back to second grade. Back then I wrote about the activities of the day, the weather or the food I ate. Over time the writing became more inspired and more of an expression of my inner world, my relationships, losses, successes, dreams and aspirations.

Journaling while having coffee
Journaling while having coffee

In college and graduate school, I wrote as a way of communicating ideas, research and different views with others. My career as a psychologist led me down the path of writing extensively about the lives of my clients. Writing always inspires a deeper understanding and connection with my inner world as well as the particular subject about which I write.

For a long time I knew that I had at least one book to write. It was only a matter of time. Three years ago I attended Harvard Medical School’s Publishing and Writing Course organized by Dr. Julie Silver. The course jump-started the process of writing my book. What Women Need: The 12 Prescriptions for Gaining Balance and Happiness became the working title after a brainstorming naming session with twenty dear friends.

Twice I attended the Harvard Medical School Writing and Publishing Course. By the time I took the second writing course, my proposal had been drafted and I had the opportunity to pitch my book at the conference. The support, information and guidance offered during this course catapulted my wish to write a book into a reality.

Twelve months were spent outlining ideas, gathering information and collecting women’s compelling stories. Then, by following the format of Michael Larsen’s How to Write a Book Proposal and taking some additional writing courses, I wrote the first draft of my book proposal. With persistence I pursued a wonderful literary agent whom I had initially met at the Harvard Writing Course. I knew I wanted Jeanne Fredericks to represent my book. Jeanne’s warmth, intelligence and insight immediately won me over.

Almost nine months after our first meeting, Jeanne Fredericks offered to represent Behind the Therapy Door, which of course I enthusiastically accepted.

Last year I had the opportunity to present on the topic of Overcoming Writer’s Block at the Harvard Course. It was thrilling for me to present at this illustrious conference. Veteran writers and “newbies” from all parts of the globe come together and share their passion for writing. They find the guidance and support needed to push them to the other side. Their dreams become manifested at this conference.

Recently I was asked by writing coach Lisa Tener to discuss the process of getting a literary agent. Lisa and I first met at the Harvard Writing Course, where I attended one of her workshops. Please visit Lisa’s site and read that story at Lisa Tener’s writing blog.

What do you do to express yourself, your experiences and your inner world?


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  1. Thank you for this article. I enjoyed reading it to learn about your hard work over the years and the steps you took to get your book out of your head and off to the publisher! It got me thinking about what I might have to say, even it it might just be in journal form. I had a look at some of the websites you linked to and got a lot out of that as well! Great connections for the story (or book!) in all of us!

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