Pain Management

Belly Breathing

Diaphragmatic or belly breathing is at the heart of all relaxation techniques. Over the course of a day we breathe about 7,000-30,000 breaths. It therefore behooves us to breathe in a way that optimizes our health, happiness, and well-being. Learn how to breathe to receive optimal physical and psychological benefits.

eagle soaring through clouds

Angels of the Night

Three days post hip replacement surgery a small team with a large ambulance transported me to a rehabilitation facility. While there, I began to heal from the invasive procedure and relearn the act of walking. Handfuls of medications came periodically throughout the day. One hour … Read more

Dr Randy Kamen hiking in the Red Mountains of Utah

Maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude in the Face of a Physical Injury

Physical activity has always been a saving grace for me. As a teenager I loved swimming in the summers and running along the beach with my dog whenever I could. One day while meandering through the Brooklyn College bookstore I discovered a book on the … Read more