Pain Management

Making peace with chronic pain

Do you love the feeling of moving with abandon—movement to get those feel good hormones kicking and through your body…and mind? Molly had always loved skiing, dancing, yoga and all … Read more

Authentic Relaxation

Learning to authentically relax helps to reduce the negative effects of the mind and body brought about by anxiety, stress and pain. Relaxation methods can help you interpret life events from another more positive perspective and helps build resilience

Belly Breathing

Diaphragmatic or belly breathing is at the heart of all relaxation techniques. Over the course of a day we breathe about 7,000-30,000 breaths. It therefore behooves us to breathe in a way that optimizes our health, happiness, and well-being. Learn how to breathe to receive optimal physical and psychological benefits.

Angels of the Night

Three days post hip replacement surgery a small team with a large ambulance transported me to a rehabilitation facility. While there, I began to heal from the invasive procedure and … Read more