Work/Life Balance

What does YOUR morning feel like?

What does your morning usually feel like? Jessica told me that every morning she woke up and headed into the bathroom. She stared into her tired eyes, scanned her flabby … Read more

How’s your day job?

How’s your day job? Are you doing the work you’ve always dream of doing? Julie who is now 55 years old is a sought after ghost writer and journalist. She … Read more

Rightsizing and what really matters

A few weeks ago we moved from our home of almost thirty years—our four bedroom—four bathroom—two office home to a tiny one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. Fortunately the ceilings are … Read more

Building Friendships

  Click to watch learn some effective strategies for building supportive and fulfilling friendships in the Dr. Randy Kamen series “Strategies to Spark Your Week.”   Enjoy and share!  

Create More Positivity in Your Life

Click to watch how to create and maintain a more positive mental attitude in your everyday life in the Dr. Randy Kamen series “Strategies to Spark Your Week.” Enjoy and share!  

Finding Your Balance: Part One

Living a life of balance means attending to work, relationships, health, intimacy, spiritual growth, personal growth, flow activities, and making a difference for the greater good. How we leverage these facets determines our experience of life balance.

Being in the Moment

What does it mean to be in the moment? How can you learn to be truly present  rather than simply getting through another day on automatic pilot? The truth is … Read more