Communications & Relationships

Do you struggle with intimacy?

Jane grew up in a family in which her parents fought constantly. Father was successful, narcissistic and dominating and mother was kind, compassionate but mostly played the role of ‘doormat.’ … Read more

Life after Betrayal

What keeps you from getting the love and intimacy you want in life?  Dianne, a lovely, soft spoken school teacher of twenty five years, came to see me when she … Read more

Are you crying for a dream?

Do you sometimes find yourself trying to figure out your life’s purpose? According to the Lakota Sioux language the word for searching for one’s vision translates to “Crying for a … Read more

So…how’s your relationship?

Sophie’s two children recently launched and were establishing themselves in another state. The children were doing well although at times she ached to see them more. Sophie immersed herself in … Read more

How do I make lasting change?

This week I got asked by a client, “How do I stick to the changes I’m working so hard to make?” I thought this would be great to address in … Read more

Are you kind to your partner?

What do your most intimate relationships feel like? A couple came in to see me recently, clearly feeling likely they were headed for divorce. I observed the way they spoke … Read more

The Nest is Empty…Now What?

When the last child is about to leave home—or he or she has already moved you—you might experience some mixed emotions. ‘Empty nest syndrome’ isn’t a clinical diagnosis, but it … Read more

Managing Guilt

People often see me because of their struggles with stress that can show itself as anxiety, depression, irritability, frustration, or guilt. Guilt is a big problem for so many of us juggling work, family, and self-care and these competing demands often feel daunting. It’s impossible to feel good about it all at once.