Create More Love in Your Life

At times it is easy to assume that you know what your partner of child is about to say, or even to complete their sentences. When you remain open to the possibilities, you may find yourself surprised by the outcome. 

People feel deeply cared for when they are heard. When listening—pay attention to the words, the body language, the tone of voice, the eye contact.

 Remember, “tone over content” matters most! That is how something is said matters more than what is said.

10 Strategies to Help Navigate After an Affair

Healing from infidelity is difficult and painful work. Infidelity can feel like a traumatic injury in which out entire world view is challenged. 

While many couples do split up with feelings of rage and hurt after such a betrayal, 

I’ve seen many couples also choose to work through their problems and restore their trust and love for one another.

couple arguing

Five Prescriptions for Navigating through Conflict in Relationships

All relationships struggle. To love is to at least occasionally engage in conflict. And we all know that anything worth having is worth fighting for. Unfortunately, we often fight the most with the people we love, whether they are our friends, family, or romantic partners. … Read more

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Moving Forward through Forgiveness – Part Two: Keys to Letting Go and Moving On

What steps can we take to give up a grudge and forgive someone who has hurt, disappointed, or betrayed us?  The following strategy model for learning forgiveness is derived from an amalgam of work by several researchers and my own work as a psychologist: 1. … Read more

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Moving Forward through Forgiveness – Part One

“To forgive and forget” is a prevailing idiom in our culture, but for most of us it is hard for us to truly let go and move forward in our lives. When dealing with a conflict, we need to let go of a past hurt, … Read more