Change and Transition: Pain and Possibility

Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly in a state of flux. We awaken to the idea of change or transition when we are struck by something significant – loss, divorce, illness, vacation, birth, or death… Suddenly our worlds have shifted. We see and interpret events through a different lens, perhaps for the moment, perhaps forever.

large_your-photos-colorful-treesChange shifts us from one state of being to another. Whether physical, emotional, situational, or spiritual, the human experience is about being in transition. Change is natural and inevitable. It can lead to improvement or deterioration. Often we have a choice in the outcome of the change, especially when we have good resiliency and relationship skills.

Autumn is a time of transition. The warmth of summer gives way to crisp air, the first leaves begin to fall. Students head back to school, adults get back to work after vacations. The bright colors of summer morph into the warmer tones of yellow, orange and red.

When something is ending we eventually discover the seed of a new beginning and potential for growth. New possibilities are set into motion alongside of our loss. When we are ready for a fresh beginning, new horizons emerge. How we manage change, transition or endings in our lives today usually correlates strongly with how we have handled it in the past.

For those of us who struggle when things become undone, there are strategies that can be learned that make transitions easier and smoother.

Strategies for managing transitions in your life:

  • Recognize that all things DO change
  • Seek to understand the meaning and implications of the transition or loss (whether is it a move, divorce, death, loss of job, illness…)
  • Mindful meditation cultivates the ability to see and experience things as they really are. Practicing meditation allows one to look reflectively at life experiences, making it easier to accept the reality that accompanies change.
  • Maintain a daily journal to record feelings and thoughts, to gain insight into the effect the transition is having on you and your loved ones.
  • Gather and nourish your friendships and support system on a regular basis. Then you will have your ‘tribe’ in place to help you through challenges and to celebrate successes and joyful times.

Gather and nourish your friendships and support systems on a regular basis. Then you will have your ‘tribe’ in place to help you through challenging and to celebrate successes and joyful times.

How do you successfully manage changes in your life?


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