Compassion and the Courageous Heart

Do you sometimes wonder if you’re making a difference while living your one beautiful and precious life?

It’s time to not only dream and fantasize about the life you want to create fore yourself—but to take action.

In the Buddhist understanding the courageous heart is demonstrated by a willingness to open our hearts to the world and to care no matter what.

The women’s marches on Saturday sent a wave of reverberations around the globe inspiring so many and reminding us that we are all linked together.

When we live with compassion we are willing to face our lives without armor or pretense. Carrying on in the face of our vulnerability becomes an expression of strength and wholeheartedness.

Ultimately every loss we experience becomes an opportunity to close ourselves off to the world or to stand up with self-respect and let our hearts respond.

The time has come to use our voices, to be heard and to make a difference in our personal lives, our communities and for the greater good.

No one can take away the power of our voices, our ability to think, our ability to make mindful decisions. We know in our hearts right from wrong.

Tapping into our compassion helps us to choose the good path over injustice, violence, racism and whatever else we know to be destructive.


We are at the helm of our own lives. Knowing that our time here is limited we are obliged to help ease each other’s suffering and to soften our hearts and come from a place of greater compassion.

For each of us this means bringing something different to our collective table.

We have our unique constellation of gifts and our calling is to make the whole a little bit better, a little bit sweeter.

What are your gifts?

Perhaps you can’t even think of what they may be. I suggest if it’s not top of mind that you give yourself some time to reflect so that you make your actions that much more deliberate.

As always, I’d love to hear your comments and feedback.


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