Create a Life you LOVE!

What would it take for you to live the best version of your life?

Remember when you were eight years old and thought that you were going to be or do something great? 

Perhaps you had fantasies about being a famous actress, teacher, astronaut or musician. The sky was the limit!

Then you started getting messages that these dreams may not be possible and perhaps you stopped believing in yourself.

Alexis a professor with “brains and beauty” as her parents often said, felt fulfilled professionally but her personal life felt like a disaster.

Since breaking up with her boyfriend several years ago she’s been unable to find another meaningful relationship.

Now at forty Alexis feels deeply remorseful about her decision to end this compromised relationship as her wish is to begin a family of her own is slipping away.

Paradoxically her fear of ending up alone holds Alexis back. She isolates and has difficulty connecting authentically with others.

Have you ever felt like you made a mistake and that the repercussions changed the course of your life?

Alexis’s thoughts and behaviors kept her in hiding mode and was sabotaging the possibility of finding more love in her life.

Mastering your thoughts and beliefs is not easy to do, but the truth is it is entirely possible. By learning certain skills and practicing them regularly you can shift the way you experience relationships and the world around you.

For example, if you begin your day with a simple positive intention about yourself or the day ahead you start off standing on your own side.

Most of us tend to be our own worst enemies without even being aware that we’re doing this.

Catching negative or self-deprecating thoughts the moment they arise throughout the day is a practice you can begin today. The first step to changing your thoughts is raising your level of consciousness about the way your mind operates.

Build your capacity to be more self-compassionate and even self-loving when then negative or self-loathing thoughts appear.

Retrain your mind to be on your own side again and again until you begin to experience the shift.

This can be challenging but it is essential for creating the life you desire. How you think has everything to do with how your life plays out!

Once Alexis began to speak to herself with greater kindness and self-love she began to feel a world of possibility open up for her.

What thoughts keep running through your mind that get in the way of your creating the life you desire?

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments. I read them all!!


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