Do you get emotionally triggered?

Do you get emotionally triggered?

It used to be that when I reached out to someone and they didn’t respond in what I considered a reasonable amount of time that I would get emotionally triggered. I would feel hurt, rejected and invisible. Sometimes I sat with these feelings festering inside and other times I would unleash the wounded girl within. Either way, I felt vulnerable and less than.

I grew up with a critical and angry father. My mother would somehow vanish when he exploded at the kids. I felt lonely and helpless much of the time. Over the years I learned to love my scared inner child—which ultimately healed this trigger.

We all have emotional triggers. They developed when we were children and experienced some form of pain that we either didn’t know how to handle or couldn’t express. We didn’t have the tools or the platform.

As adults, we generally become triggered by events that somehow remind us or mimic these old injurious emotions.

You know the feeling that implodes within when someone makes a joke at your expense that hits you right in the gut or heart. That comment can shake you up for hours and potentially ruin the day. It’s like you’ve given away your own power and allowed someone else to stand at the helm.

So…what are your triggers?

Identifying your triggers is the first step to healing from them. Once you know your triggers, you can begin to tease out their origins. Ultimately the goal is to be patient, kind and compassionate towards the inner injured child.

The more you bring love into that space of early pain, the more you become liberated from its grip. Practice, over time, is key to internalized this learning curve.

What emotional triggers are you ready to overcome so that you can lead the life of your dreams?

As always I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and questions? I read them all!


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