Eight Secrets to Motivation

Motivation moves us forward. Motivation shows up everywhere in our lives – from the execution of mundane tasks to inspired and visionary actions. Every one of us is driven by a unique set of life circumstances and genetics that propels us in one way or another.

Some women are motivated most of the time whereas others need to find ways to keep energized and inspired. The reason for this has to do with intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation, one of the keys to understanding motivation.

Intrinsic Versus Extrinsic Motivation

Motivated climberIntrinsic motivation is when we are operating from an internal driving force. For example, I am writing this article because writing and educating others rewards me at a core level. Educating and inspiring others taps into two core values of mine which brings me a sense of joy and personal satisfaction. Other core values might be the pleasure one derives from learning, experiencing adventures, unearthing the truth, assuming a leadership role, or care-taking.

Extrinsic motivation is externally driven. For example, I am writing this article because doing so will keep my blog fresh and growing, with new readers and subscribers. This form of motivation does not necessarily tune into my inner world, instead it is fueled by outside rewards.

The most powerful way of staying motivated is by digging deep and uncovering your strongest interests. Staying true to your core values is at the heart of remaining motivated regardless of whether you are receiving external rewards or not.

Eight Secrets to Enhanced Motivation

  1. Pay attention to your core values. Find ways to integrate the values that give you your greatest sense of meaning into your personal or professional life. That’s a sure fire way to remain motivated and inspired.
  2. Reframe the words “I have to…” with “I choose to…” Although it seems semantical, ‘choosing to do something’ as opposed to ‘having to do something’ shifts your consciousness around that activity or job. Choosing to do whatever you do, empowers you and allows you to take charge of your own experiences.
  3. Grow your network. Talking with trusted friends, family members, colleagues and like-minded souls can help keep you stay focused and build momentum. It also might be good to team up with someone that has complementary abilities. Mutual support often adds great value and energy to projects.
  4. Set goals. Setting long and short term goals gives you focus a charted course to follow. Write down your goals to connect you further with your plan. Include “mini goals” so that you experience small accomplishments along the way. This helps keep you on track for the “grand goals.”
  5. “Just do it.” Sometimes taking action precedes the motivation. For example, you might not want to take your exercise class on a particular day, but once you get there and find your groove, the motivation and internal reward jump starts.
  6. Build the basics into your daily routine. Structuring the time to take care of your bodily needs such as eating, sleeping, working out helps keep you vital and energized for the tasks at hand.
  7. Capitalize on your strengths. Work with your greatest skill set. The one that is mostly likely to generate the feeling of ‘flow’ or ‘being in the zone.’ Delegate the stuff that brings you down when possible, so that you remain unencumbered to do what you do best.
  8. Celebrate your successes. Reward yourself for your efforts and accomplishments. Chances are no one else will! It does not need to be a major vacation or an expensive something. It can be as simple as lunch with a friend, going to a movie, getting a massage, crawling into bed early with a great book.

Motivation is about connecting with core values and finding balance. When we are taking care of ourselves and living authentically, it is much easier to feel inspired.

What motivates YOU?


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