Strategy for Deepening Intimacy in Relationships

How to create a practice of enhancing intimacy:

  1. Learn to tolerate difficult feelings through abdominal breathing. Deep breaths bring you back into the present moment.
  2. Remember that all feelings have a rise and fall. The intensity of any feeling you experience will subside.
  3. Actively listen to your partner or friend by paying close attention to the nonverbal cues as well as the spoken words.
  4. Share your own thoughts and feelings to help strengthen the connection with your partner or friend.
  5. Self-disclosure leads to greater openness, deepens bonds and builds trust in a relationship.
  6. Practice unconditional kindness. Your partner will likely return in kind.
  7. Improve your capacity for compromise by paying attention to the needs and wishes of your partner and being willing to meet half way or better
  8. Build patience and empathy into your interactions

Practice daily.


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