Feeling out of sorts?

Most of us have never been through anything like what is happening right now. We’re all navigating these uncertain waters at the same time so it can be difficult to know what to expect, or if what we are thinking and feeling is normal. Because nothing about this feels normal!


As I speak with my clients, colleagues, family, and friends, one thing that almost everyone has mentioned is the “emotional rollercoaster” they’ve been experiencing. 


One moment you feel fine and have a wave of productivity and the next you have no motivation, no energy, and you feel frustrated, angry, or even a sense of apathy.


These feelings are all completely normal. Trust me when I say that we are all feeling this way, even if we aren’t talking about it.


Self-regulation is an important skill to develop in times like this.


Self-regulation means being able to pause between a feeling and an action—and then control thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and desires. 


While this sounds good in theory, and most of us can do this much of the time, this pandemic is testing us in ways we never before had to consider.


With these tools in place, you’ll be able to more consistently manage your emotions and inner world.


Sometimes just learning a single new idea or skill can make all the difference in how you feel, how you show up and impact the people in your life.



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