Finding Your Balance: Part One

Rocks from the beach placed together in carefully placed shape of an arch
Beautiful and Balanced Rocks

What fulfills you in your heart of hearts? What is your life purpose? These questions help us focus on the big picture and the vision that we hold for ourselves in life.

Living a life of balance means attending to work, relationships, health, intimacy, spiritual growth, personal growth, flow activities, and making a difference for the greater good. How we leverage these facets determines our experience of life balance.

It is inevitable that balance will not be sustained for an indefinite period of time. Our time, attention, and energy are constantly adapting and competing to meet the demands of everyday life.

From one moment to the next we make choices about how to lead our lives. Knowing that we get to choose liberates us to do just that!

Balance is never a static or perfect state of being. Expect perfection in our lives sets us up for failure, which undermines the ability to move forward. The process of finding balance at times feels great and at other times, not so much. According to psychological thought a healthy mind aims for the best and does not attach its self-worth to the outcome.

We succeed. We fail. We self-correct. The consequences of our actions invariably present opportunities for growth. We are all works in `progress, perpetually adjusting  and accommodating to meet the competing demands of our lives as we move in the direction of our dreams and aspirations.

Cultivating rituals that strengthens resiliency, optimism and improves relationships, and our ability to manage the many facets of our lives is vital to our experience of balance and happiness.

Meditation, deep breathing, affirmations, visualization, building the capacity for gratitude, improving communication skills, and making a difference in the lives of others are some of the practices that alter the way the brain fires so that we feel more calm, clear, and connected.

When these practices become internalized, they become the backdrop against which we can create our best possible lives. In time roots take hold and penetrate every aspect of our lives.

In part two of this article I’ll outline some of the most important keys to life balance.

What do you do to create more balance in your day-to-day life?


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