Finding your Purpose and Passion in the New Year

As human beings we often dream of living better, more fulfilling lives. We wish to create lives for ourselves and our families that are happy, purposeful and passionate. We can not only dream about creating more gratifying lives, but we also possess the cognitive ability to strategize and plan to achieve these dreams and goals.

Maui_Hawaii_LargemauiWhat gives you a feeling of purpose? What do you feel passionate about? Reflecting on the answers to these questions points you in the direction of next steps that you can choose to pursue in the coming year. When we tune into the message coming from the depths of our hearts, the answers are apparent.

Rather than making resolutions this year, consider making choices that move you closer to authentic and meaningful change in your life. For example, choosing to live a healthier life through good nutrition, regular exercise and relaxation is different from making commitments to lose ten pounds, exercise daily and meditate twice a day. The first way suggests adapting to a life style that supports us in living our lives fully while the second way, while focused and purposeful, seems rigid, pressured and perhaps a set up for failure.

Tapping into our inner experience of purpose and passion can be done with intention.

Here are methods for tuning into your inner wisdom:

1.  Take time to settle down and be quiet. Remember to breathe. Turn off electronics and give yourself some private time. Write down your thoughts about where you would like to be headed. What are your wishes for the coming year?

2. Think about what enlivens you and brings you a true sense of joy. What thrills you in your personal or professional life? How can you incorporate more of that in your life? Allow yourself to brainstorm ideas, without judgment or censorship. Nothing is too outlandish, just allow yourself to play.

3. Prioritize your goals and dreams. What seems most important and most meaningful? What would bring you the greatest joy or would allow you to tap into your greatest passion? Map your specific goals into a framework that goes from the realistic to the outrageous. As you keep moving your ideas forward the outrageous ideas might start feeling closer in reach.

We all want to live the fullest possible lives and every one of us has a unique set of talents and abilities. It is up to each of us to figure out how we want to uncover our gifts and deliberately bring them forward into the world. Living with purpose and passion brings us inner peace, greater balance, happiness and the feeling that our lives are well spent.

What is one of your goals for living with greater purpose and passion in 2011?


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