Hitting the Road for a Chat, Chew & Chocolate Retreat

Living the fast-paced, glamorous New York City lifestyle, Dena Patton started a thriving business there at the age of only 24. Just a few years later, she suffered a minor stroke that changed the course of her life. After consulting a life coach to help her make some lifestyle changes, Dena decided to become a life coach herself. In 2004 she founded Chat, Chew & Chocolate, (CCC), an online community of women looking for connection and inspiration. In addition to local live chapters, Dena organizes CCC retreats in Arizona where she is based.

The retreats are designed for women to connect, relax and rejuvenate. I will be participating in the next retreat as a mentor and facilitator. The other featured speakers are well-known life coach and Oprah Magazine contributor, Martha Beck and Biggest Loser winner and author, Ali Vincent.

One of my passions has been working with women in the nurturing environment of the health spa, where relaxation and learning are beautifully woven together. I have led my own groups at Canyon Ranch and Red Mountain Spa for years.

Attending events like this gives me a chance to connect with a wide spectrum of women from all over the country.  And now sharing the platform with other accomplished women adds an exciting new dimension for me personally and professionally.

While I cherish my private therapy practice, I look forward to opportunities to get outside of my routine to embrace new experiences and make new friends. Along with the CCC retreat in October, I will be traveling to Los Angeles later in October for the California Women’s Conference.

Also, as a writer, I love listening to the stories women reveal about their lives when they feel relaxed and safe. Seems like everyone comes away from this venue inspired and energized.  The benefits of travel, adventures, and opening yourself up to new people and experiences often has a profound impact on your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Looking forward to sharing my upcoming encounters on DrRKG.com and  VibrantNation.com.

It would be fabulous if you could join us there! Contact me for more information.


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