I see you as a leader

Do you consider yourself a leader?

Many women are quick to answer no to that question, especially if they aren’t employed in a traditional leadership role.


It might surprise you to hear that I see you as a leader. 


The concept of personal leadership is something I’ve been teaching for years and is very dear to my heart. 


Are you familiar with the concept of personal leadership?


Personal leadership allows you to use your positive leadership skills to shape and direct your life rather than letting circumstances determine the direction of your life.


It’s about seeing yourself, and knowing yourself, more deeply. The more you are able to recognize the things that inspire you, motivate you, and even the things that hold you back, the more you are able to live a life filled with grit and grace. 


Grit and grace may seem to be two very different concepts, but I believe they go hand in hand perfectly like strawberries and champagne. Women are the very embodiment of grit and grace. 


It doesn’t matter if you are leading a team of people at work, organizing a movement that you believe passionately about, leading your family, or just taking control of your own destiny.



And it’s time you started treating yourself like one.


That means taking the time to take care of you. Prioritizing things that inspire you. Saying yes to opportunities to get to know YOU and what matters most to you.

It’s been a while since I’ve talked with you about personal leadership, but you are going to be hearing a lot more from me on the subject. 


So let me ask you, do you think personal leadership is an important topic for our time? 


I think there has never been a time where we have needed it more.



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