Linda Joy: Inspiring One Woman at a Time

Linda Joy exudes passion, fierce determination and great kindness. She takes pleasure in turning people on to her hard won secrets and strategies. Linda shares her expertise with disarming enthusiasm. “Let me help you.” “You can do this.” “That’s easy. Let me show you.”

Linda Joy
Linda Joy

These are heartfelt expressions that roll off her tongue with ease and authenticity. Linda singlehandedly cultivated a successful life path for herself and her beautiful daughter, refusing to let financial struggles stop her from building the life she envisioned.

Born in Taunton, MA, Linda grew up the oldest of four children and took the reins as caregiver to her younger siblings. She dropped out of high school feeling overwhelmed, confused and probably a little burnt out. Linda knew without a high school degree she would not have the best career opportunities nor would she be able to make the most of her potential. Several years later she summoned the inner strength to get back to school and complete her GED. After that she continued her education by taking college courses whenever she could.

Daughter Niki at 3yrs

Transforming from Welfare Mom to Award Winning Entrepreneur

Linda described herself as “…a single, struggling welfare mom with little to no self-esteem. My daughter was my catalyst for wanting to become not only a great mother but to be the best person I could be.” She entered a state funded job-training program to improve her professional skills. The training program consisted of a group of single moms who could barely afford diapers.

During that time Linda knew that she and these other women needed to look professional if they were to score jobs. She took it upon herself to find a consignment shop and brought some of the women shopping. Linda felt personally encouraged by looking like a businesswoman and at the same time inspired the others. With their new clothes and confidence she and the other women felt like “maybe I can do this, maybe I do deserve a better life.”

Linda then discovered her first mission. She witnessed the transformation of the other welfare moms when they looked and felt good about themselves. Linda knew she had to create a place where women could come and move into their power. Making attractive business attire available to women without jobs or money to spare opened a door of hope for them. As women slipped into their new wardrobes, they emanated strength, pride and hope for something better for themselves and their children. Looking successful was an important first step for many of the women in feeling worthy and actively pursuing their dreams.

May 99 SBA Award Ceremony

Linda’s determination to start her own business remained strong, even though the prospect of failure terrified Linda. She overcame her fear and opened her first consignment business in 1992.  She began her upscale consignment shop with $2500 and a burning desire to affect the lives of other single and struggling moms. “I wanted to create a space that gave every woman who walked in the door an opportunity to provide for themselves and their children with more than just clothing, but a sense of pride and self-esteem.”

Feb 2000 NBC appearance

Linda persevered and her consignment shop flourished. Women came for the clothing and they returned because of Linda’s beautiful and contagious energy. In 1999 Linda won the Small Business Association, Welfare-to-Work Entrepreneur of the Year for the state of Massachusetts. This honor validated her efforts and she began receiving national media attention about her accomplishment. She recalled the thrill of sharing her story about conquering obstacles to achieve her dreams on the NBC talk show, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.”

Linda views her life’s challenges as necessary “stepping stones to guide me to who I am and where I am now.”  She knows now that all of her “perceived obstacles” were crucial to prepare her for the multiple roles she assumes today.

Her journey of self-discovery over the past twenty years deepened her sense of self and compassion for others.  She explains, “that women spend so much of their lives looking for external validation and wisdom. ALL they need they already have.  All the wisdom is within. They just need to turn inward and listen.” Linda longed to make an even bigger difference in the lives of women and began writing and creating venues for women to come together.

Inspiring Women through her website and Aspire Magazine

Aspire Oct/Nov 2010

Linda is now an entrepreneur, speaker and publisher. She founded in 2005, a premiere magazine with the goal of stimulating women to lead more authentic and inspired lives. She encourages women to share their wounds, fears and self-doubt. “I have been where they are and I can offer hope, love and support.” Linda helps women tap into their innate gifts and voices so that they can find balance, discover their own inner passions and deepen their connections with others.”, the publishing company Linda founded, provides women with traditional and nontraditional opportunities to publish and share their “wisdom, insight and stories with women around the globe.”  She is drawn to stories of the ‘everyday woman’ who moves through her fears in search of a life of fulfillment and authenticity. All of Linda’s business endeavors revolve around her goal of inspiring women to live more meaningful lives.

She assures women that they can choose to move through their pain and reach a life of joy and passion.  Linda provides women with the inspiration, tools and strategies so that when they are ready to change their lives, they will get the support they need and thrive.

Aspire’s Mission to Inspire 100,000 Women

With all of her business ventures and accomplishments, Linda’s most proud accomplishment is raising and participating in the life of her wonderful, compassionate daughter. “She has blessed my life beyond anything I could have ever imagined.” Linda led the way for her daughter through her commitment to being the best she could possibly be and to give back to others whenever possible.

Hoping to empower women, Linda explains that every one of us is here to fulfill a purpose and that our life is a journey bursting with opportunities to discover that purpose. Linda’s works passionately and relentlessly to inspire women to dig deeply and listen to that still voice within their “inner wise-woman” and act accordingly. Linda epitomizes the vision of “inner wise-woman.”

Linda Joy’s Latest Venture is a new book: A Juicy, Joyful Life

A Juicy, Joyful Life

Recently hit bestseller on Barnes & Noble and #1 in Hot New Releases in two categories on Amazon!

“Meet an extraordinary group of women who have blessed and honored me by sharing their innate wisdom, insights and heart-felt stories in the pages of A Juicy, Joyful Life. Each woman shines her personal light in the pages of this inspirational anthology, and collectively guides you through the intimate trail of self-discovery,” Linda Joy explains. No doubt, Linda herself has led the way.

In her dedication to inspire women across the world Linda launched the “Mission to Inspire 100,000 Women” campaign and committed to giving away 100K subscriptions to Aspire.  Get yours today at which comes with over 60 complimentary gifts.


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