Making Time for Fun!

My favorite and only resolution for the coming year is to have more fun. This year my commitment to myself is to clear the decks for at least an hour a day so that I can devote more time to doing things that make me laugh, feel enriched, balanced or energized. Not the usual resolution of  ‘I’m going to work out and get in better shape, cut back on caffeine, eat more vegetables, get to bed earlier, or be more focused and productive.’

Randy Kamen Gredinger and Amy Gredinger
Welcome 2010

I’m so used to thinking about productivity and self improvement that I sometimes forget that chatting it up with friends or dancing around my living room blasting the classic rock station, powerfully impacts my vitality and ability to stay focused throughout the rest of the day. My resolve is to make sacred time for play.

More phone calls to friends, more walks, lunches and play dates. I’m taking my own medicine and calling at least one friend a day.

The author of “The Artist’s Way,” Julia Cameron, talks about the importance of having at least one novel experience or adventure a week to keep those creative juices flowing. My plan is to do something that ignites my sense of awe and wonder once a week.

Perhaps a fabulous exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts with a girlfriend, a visit to the Imax theater, Fenway Park, the Aquarium, the Science Museum, a Duck Tour, or a walk along the Freedom Trail and checking out restaurants in Boston’s South End.

It’s a brand new decade. Time to capture those moments and build in opportunities for connecting, experiencing more happiness and discovering what really matters. Welcome 2010! Bring it on… I think I’m going to make this one rock!

What is your passion or vision for the coming year?


2 thoughts on “Making Time for Fun!”

  1. I love the idea of making fun more a part of my life. I sometimes don’t give myself permission to play enough. This sounds like a great plan for 2010. Thanks

  2. Your website is truly amazing and a true reflection of you. It is professional, personal and intelligent. I look forward to participating in all you have to offer and have already tuned in to your New Years resolution to add more fun to our daily lives. Let the fun begin!

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