Red Mountain Spa: Adventure, Connection and Inspiration

Every year I am blessed with the opportunity to present workshops and seminars at the Red Mountain Resort and Spa.  The workshops and seminars cover a wide range of women’s issues like resilience, building healthy relationships, happiness, gratitude and forgiveness, parenting concerns, building supports systems etc.

woman hiking in canyon at Red Mountain Resort & Spa
Woman hiking in canyon at Red Mountain Resort & Spa

This year my talks will be about love, romance and fostering healthy relationships in celebration of February, Heart Health Month and of course, Valentine’s Day.

Red Mountain Spa is tucked away in the serene and breathtaking beauty of the red rocks surrounding St. George, Utah. Swirls of red, magenta and burnt orange mountains lend new meaning to the term ‘eye candy.’ Sunsets light up the skies in exquisite shades of purple, pink and gold. Artifacts abound from that Native American tribes that once lived in these stunning red mountains.

Each morning begins with exhilarating hikes through trails, infusing the mind and body with extraordinary images that pervade the senses. A certain camaraderie emerges with the mix of hikers that come together each morning. Newly formed relationships, rekindled connections and personal inspiration are by products of the myriad of daily activities. Beautiful and healthy meals, swimming in luxurious pools, yoga, pilates, cycling on glorious paths and of course, massages and every conceivable treatment round out the day.

woman hiking in canyon at Red Mountain Resort & Spa
Woman hiking in canyon at Red Mountain Resort & Spa

Swaying on a hammock outside and reading a book, typing away on my computer or meditating in the Zen park overlooking the vistas all elicit a deep feeling of calm and contemplation.

After a healthy and relaxing dinner, I am ready to talk or sing about anything. Fortunately, singing is definitely off the table. At 8:00 p.m. it’s off to the meeting room where I will facilitate workshops aimed at inspiring women to improve resilience, build healthy and lasting relationships and create successful support systems.

Please join me for this fabulous adventure that is sure to ignite your mind and body, February 12th through February 15th at the Red Mountain Spa. One never fails to leave Red Mountain feeling more relaxed, rejuvenated and enriched.

Where do you go in your life for inspiration and rejuvenation?


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