A personal transformative retreat for you to discover and plan a
step-by-step blueprint foryour most joyful and fulfilling life

VisionDayMV is a one-to-one personal day dedicated to supporting you in gaining clarity about your life’s vision. It’s where your deepest desires materialize

In our work together we focus on your purpose, strengths, and values. As your vision crystalizes we design a customized strategic plan specifically for you.

This is not simply about tapping into your goals but rather unearthing the big picture. VisionDayMV is about connecting your mind and heart and bringing them together to create a blueprint for your most happy and fulfilling life.

By the time you arrive for your vision day you are fully prepared for the experience to come and so that we maximize our time together. The pre-work, tools, and assessments assure that you are ready for this transformational next step.

This is not just another inspirational day that leaves you feeling pumped and in the aftermath you’re wondering what next steps to take. You’ll know what matters most to you and take away the steps you need to get you there.

Leaving with a strategic plan in hand is an essential component of our day together. This is a thought provoking, intense deep dive into your life as it stands now and where you will taking it next. While it’s always about the process; it crucial that you know the destination.

It’s hard to imagine that you can have a transformative experience in a single day and yet it’s possible especially when you’re ready to lean in, dig deep, and go for your big, hairy, audacious dream.

VisionDayMV happens on the magical and tranquil island of Martha’s Vineyard. If you’d like to learn more about this one day personalized retreat then contact me directly at I look forward to exploring the possibilities with you further.