Your Extraordinary Life

For Women Determined to Make Their Life Matter.

A Unique Online Program with Destination Retreats on Martha's Vineyard

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? 

— Mary Oliver

Are you worried that you're not making the most of your one precious life? Does it feel like happiness eludes you even though everything seems to be in place?

In the Your Extraordinary Life program, you will learn how to create a life that exhilarates rather than depletes; that connects you to others rather than keeps you feeling alone and isolated.

Based on years of professional experience and research I have developed a powerful and pragmatic year-long program specifically designed to meet the needs of women rising in their own personal leadership—regardless of what path they choose or challenges they encounter.

You will get the tools, strategies, and resources needed to be effective in your personal leadership while establishing a community of like-minded thinkers who offer support and guidance along the way.

You’ll be surprised at how little time it takes to retrain your brain and transform your life. With a minimal time commitment [5 hours/month for one year and a 5-minute daily practice] you can shift patterns of behavior that no longer serve you and replace them with the ones that help you rise.

In this unique training program you’ll learn how to rise in your confidence and personal leadership and bring to life the vision you desire.

Midway through and at the end of year you’ll connect with your amazing peers for two of the most powerful weekends of your life.  Your weekend retreats on the magnificent island of Martha’s Vineyard will deepen your awareness of what matters most to you, clarify your vision and give you the tools to make it happen.

Together we are stronger, happier, healthier and more enlivened.

This program is about YOU becoming the leader of your life, honoring your needs and desires while making a difference in the world.

What I’ve learned from working with empowered women is that it starts with learning resiliency and authentic connections with others. Then it’s about clarifying and aligning with your purpose, vision, and path. When personal growth of this kind takes place within a community of other determined women who understand your vision and want to help—then anything is possible…

"I met Dr. Randy Kamen at Harvard Medical School’s Women’s Healthcare Leadership Conference in Boston. Her workshop was one of the best sessions in the conference and encouraged me to join her coaching program.  This was one of the best decisions that I had ever made in my life. Participating in this program has influenced my life in many ways including to be more productive at work, pay attention to my professional and personal relationships and to experience more joy in my daily life. It has helped me to be mindful and grateful for what I have and teach these important lessons on to my children. I wish I could have accessed this extraordinary opportunity many years ago."

Shirin Hadaddy, M.D.
Boston University School of Medicine

"Life changing!  This may sound like an overstatement but for me its very true. At 55, I retired from a very stressful job, was working through a difficult period in my marriage and was reeling from years spent as caretaker for my mother with whom I had a complicated relationship and who was losing her battle with dementia.  I was depressed and had no close girlfriends upon whom I could rely. Randy Kamen’s Retraining the Brain helped me rediscover myself. Through a year-long process that included group conversations, suggested readings, mind-body exercises, and retreats with interesting and like-minded women, I now see a bright future that includes love, friendship and a true sense of self.  I am heading into my next chapter armed with the tools I need to be truly happy with who I am and with the world around me."

Lisa Wilson
Attorney, Boston

"I never laughed and cried as much as I did in the weekend retreat!

The retreat at Blueberry Fields on Martha’s Vineyard, led by Dr. Randy Kamen, was full of mind-opening moment and understandings for myself and the others attending.  Sharing with an amazing group of women amplified the growth, connection and was just plain fun.   I felt supported, connected and understood.  Dr. Kamen is a skilled professional and leader. It was clear to me how much work and wisdom she put into our time together.  She never missed a beat when it came to any of our issues or challenges.  Through the process of the online meetings and retreat, I have been able to build on my strengths and understand my weaknesses in depth."

Joanne Tall
Architect, NYC
"I had the good fortune to meet Randy at Kripalu Institute in February 2017 during her five-day workshop, Retraining the Brain. Randy not only provided techniques for promoting awareness, reducing anxiety, and goal-setting but also led our group to build trust, openness, and connection within a short period. Randy's intuitive grasp of my particular obstacles and her mentoring as I continue to develop and reach goals have been invaluable."
Betty Leigh Hutcheson
Docent, Rubin Museum New York

The transformation you can expect in this program:

  • Discover what you want to do in the next chapter of your one precious life and how to go for it.
  • Meet the demands of work and life with calm, presence and resiliency.
  • Improve your communication, relationships and capacity for intimacy.
  • Weave more fun and memorable experiences into everyday life.
  • Build a personal strategic plan for moving forward that factors in all aspects of your life’s vision.

Your Extraordinary Life: The Program

What's included in this 12-month training?

  • Enjoy being part of an intimate group of determined women committed to creating their best year ever.
  • Live, Interactive, Monthly Training Calls (power-packed 75 mins each).  All calls will be video recorded so that you can watch or listen to the training session(s) that you missed or rewatch them on your own timeline.
  • Access the exclusive Facebook group for coaching and group support.
  • Training materials & recommendations: books, videos, podcasts, exercises, worksheets, articles, etc.
  • Receive your online copy of the Amazon bestseller, Behind the Therapy Door: Simple Strategies to Transform Your Life by Dr. Randy Kamen.
  • Delight in two 2+ days Transformational Retreats on Martha’s Vineyard with superb local chef.
  • Six 30-minute Private Coaching calls
  • Class starts March, 2019
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Dr Randy Kamen

About Dr. Randy Kamen

Randy Kamen, Ed.D., psychologist, educator and author pioneered new territory in mind-body medicine at Boston University’s School of Medicine and Harvard’s Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. She is the author of the best-selling book, Behind the Therapy Door: Simple Strategies to Transform Your Life.

Dr. Kamen serves on the faculty at Harvard Medical School’s women’s leadership and healthcare publishing courses. She presents at corporations, universities, women’s conferences and health spas around the world.

She leads global online programs, speaks and writes about Resilience, Mind-Body Medicine, Positive Psychology and Personal Leadership.

Dr. Kamen appears on TV, radio, and in major print and online publications and contributes to the Huffington Post, her popular website blog and Facebook Live.

She conducts in-depth live workshops and retreats for individuals and groups on the magical island of Martha’s Vineyard at BlueberryFieldsMV and at other locations around the world.