Rightsizing and what really matters

A few weeks ago we moved from our home of almost thirty years—our four bedroom—four bathroom—two office home to a tiny one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. Fortunately the ceilings are high. The vertical space makes up for a multitude of sins…

Over recent weeks tears have given way to disbelief which then morphed into unexpected exhilaration. A cacophony of other emotions continue to weave their way through my mind and body as they inevitably do.

Our two children went from baby land into young adulthood there. Our beautiful Portuguese Waterdog lived his entire and overly indulged life there. I received the terrible news about deaths of first my mother and then years later my father while there.

So many joys and sorrows associated with our home. Now all of it is part of the tapestry that makes up a life—or at least one significant part of that life.

The births, the parties, the celebrations, the losses, the passages…

Decluttering doesn’t quite capture what we did in order to downsize into our apartment—where we’ll be living for the coming year.

After that we move into a condominium which by then will feel spacious compared to the teeny apartment we now call home.

Amazing how fast is all goes. I have the videos, the pictures and the memories embedded in my brain. We thoughtfully chose to keep only the most sentimental and meaningful stuff.

The rest was gifted to family, friends and a variety of charities.

Funny how the material objects have taken a back seat to experiences and adventures.

Discovering what really matters seems to be what this phase of life is all about to me.

I’d love to know your take on what matters most to you—especially those of you thinking about or in the midst of making these kinds of transitions.

In your heart of hearts what do you want most for yourself now? 

I look forward to hearing from you.


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