So…how’s your relationship?

Sophie’s two children recently launched and were establishing themselves in another state. The children were doing well although at times she ached to see them more.

Sophie immersed herself in her work yet she felt a gnawing sense of emptiness. For the first time in two decades she and her husband Tom were alone together.

After all this time Sophie realized how much she and Tom had grown apart. She wrestled with the idea that maybe their marriage had run its course.

Have you ever felt this way in your relationship?

Could she live out her life with Tom? He was a good man, but they no longer shared interests and intimacy felt like a distant memory.

Sophie’s mom lived in an Alzheimer’s facility and she felt obliged to visit her regularly. The many years of responsibilities had taken a toll.

This wasn’t the vision Sophie had for this time in her life. What about the travel and adventures she had counted on?

Do you sometimes feel like these vital years are slipping away?

It was as if Sophie suddenly woke up to her life. She knew she had to make the most of this precious time.

Refusing to settle for an unhappy marriage she saw two choices: to bail on her marriage and move on–or to dive deeper into the relationship and see if it was salvageable.

Are you settling or savoring this time with your partner?

Sophie scheduled their first weekend getaway since before children and though scary she summoned the courage to go for it anyway.

She caught glimpses of hope and began to remember why they fell in love in the first place.

Do you believe that you can live a more fulfilled life and to become:

  • calmer, clearer, more self aware and focused
  • better able to build and maintain healthy relationships and support systems
  • more effective at leading your life
  • mentally prepared to laser in on what’s important
  • lead a more joyful meaningful life

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