The Four Agreements

Bess was a 34-year-old, attractive, single, accomplished attorney living in the Boston area.* She lived comfortably in her condo, managed her finances, had no close friends and a succession of … Read more

Evolution Through Authenticity

Personal transformation happens through authentic connection with others. When we feel loved, valued and included, we are empowered to find personal meaning and realize our greatest potential. Sadly, many of … Read more

The Antidote to the Winter Blues

Julia, a dental assistant in a local dentist’s office has a distinct twinkle in her eye that never fails to light up a room. That is, until February hits. Something … Read more

Who Takes Care of the Caretaker?

Years ago I conducted workshops and seminars to physicians at the Boston University School of Medicine. The well-attended meetings were about “Who Takes Care of the Physician?” This subject continues … Read more

Help Me Help You

Tom Cruise’s character in Jerry Maguire pleads with his client, Rod “Help me. Help you.” I am reaching out to you, my community of readers, to do the same. Please … Read more

Cultivating Intimacy in Your Relationship

Healthy relationships are one of the most important keys to gaining balance and happiness. Intimacy is the experience of belonging together. It embodies shared knowledge, experiences, sexual encounters, and memories. … Read more

The Healing Power of Friendship

Remember those times when you felt lost and all alone. Maybe your relationship was on the rocks. Maybe you were sick and no one was around to take care of … Read more

Love and Your Brain

Everything changes when you feel love, especially your brain. Valentine’s Day reminds us to take stock and acknowledge what matters most – the connection we feel for others. Think about the … Read more

Viva La Difference

Last night my husband and I attended a stunning performance of Stravinsky’s Petrushka by the Boston Symphony Orchestra. At the intermission I asked him what he was thinking about during … Read more