Emotional Abuse

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Emotional Abuse: Part Three

If you have experienced emotional abuse then undoubtedly you are familiar with the struggles associated with it: feelings of powerlessness, hurt, fear, anger and rage. These feelings are part of the cycle of abuse. Interestingly abusers often experience these emotions, generally dealing with a history … Read more

Emotional Abuse: Part Two

Abuse is any behavior that is used to control or quash another human being with fear, humiliation, manipulation, intimidation, guilt, criticism etc. Emotional abuse employs verbal and psychological tactics rather than physical ones. Sometimes it can be blatant while other times it can be quite … Read more

Emotional Abuse: Part One

Emotional abuse is behavior that controls and manipulates another person through fear, humiliation, intimidation, guilt and coercion. The victim’s feelings, needs, thoughts and desires are trivialized and made to seem inconsequential in comparison to the needs of the abuser. Ellen’s husband, Mike, yelled obscenities at … Read more