Physical Activity

Making peace with chronic pain

Do you love the feeling of moving with abandon—movement to get those feel good hormones kicking and through your body…and mind? Molly had always loved skiing, dancing, yoga and all … Read more

Stop Worrying About Time!

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My Body My Self

While taking one of my favorite bikram yoga classes, my teacher came along and slowly nudged me into a deeper position. Ordinarily I like to move at my own pace … Read more

Meet Judy Quint

Judy Quint exercises the way most women breathe. It is an essential component of her life. So far she has become a certified Zumba® instructor, an attorney specializing in real … Read more

Mindfulness Exercises

“Mindful” exercise, walks or workouts are flow activities. They create a shift in consciousness through physical activity. Think of physical activity not just as a way to stay fit or … Read more

Movement for Optimal Mental Health

Only in recent years have we come to understand the positive effects of exercise on the brain and mental health. Exercise is also good for one’s physical health. Reduced body … Read more

Create a Practice of Mindful Walking

How to create the practice of mindful walking: Pay attention to standing on both feet Notice the contact your feet are making with the ground. Take a few abdominal breaths. … Read more