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The Meaning of “Good Enough”

Winston Churchill once said, “The maxim ‘nothing but perfection’ may be spelled ‘paralysis.’” We’ve probably all met perfectionists in our lives, and know how difficult life can be for them and those around them. Perfectionism is the internalized belief that mistakes cannot be made and … Read more

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Moving Forward through Forgiveness – Part Two: Keys to Letting Go and Moving On

What steps can we take to give up a grudge and forgive someone who has hurt, disappointed, or betrayed us?  The following strategy model for learning forgiveness is derived from an amalgam of work by several researchers and my own work as a psychologist: 1. … Read more

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The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness transforms anger and hurt into healing and peace. Forgiveness can help you overcome depression, anxiety, rage as well as personal, and relational conflicts. It is about making the conscious decision to let go of a grudge. Why would anyone want to forgive someone who … Read more

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Self-Disclosure and Good Mental Health – Part One

Have you ever felt so alone that you think no one in the world understands you? Do you find it difficult to share personal information with others? Believe it or not, there is a link between the willingness to share your story and your mental health. … Read more