Behind the Therapy Door: Simple Strategies to Transform Your Life

By Randy Kamen, Ed.D. Loneliness, troubled relationships, failing marriages, serious parenting concerns, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and complicated pain problems. No one escapes being affected by one or more of these serious issues at some time in life. These difficulties can be managed and in many cases overcome. The secret to successfully moving through many of life’s challenges lies in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships. At times our own light goes out and can be rekindled by a spark from another person. Behind the Therapy Door: Simple Strategies to Transform Your Life delivers the most effective strategies for establishing a healthy relationship with oneself, with others and gaining balance in everyday life. These are the stories of courageous women who were willing to put themselves on the line in an effort to find greater inner peace and joy. Each chapter reveals different relevant life struggles that we collectively share as women. This book can save the reader years of struggle in navigating through difficult life experiences. Behind the Therapy Door examines key factors for promoting women’s health, happiness and well-being. One of the central premises woven throughout the book is that when relationships thrive, women find themselves better equipped to face life’s challenges and realize their potential. Also, strong relationships and solid support systems contribute to both physical and psychological well-being. If one does not know how to develop and sustain healthy relationships, the loneliness, isolation, and pain that ensue can wreak havoc. Behind the Therapy Door teaches specific tools and strategies for navigating the stormy challenges of life’s transitions, losses, and disappointments. This book also provides a valuable, practical guide for women wanting more satisfying, resilient, and fulfilling relationships. Using compelling cases and narrative stories of women who suffer challenges in various life situations, this book explores universal themes of alienation, pain, happiness, and love—with friends, colleagues, partners, spouses, and children. Stories involve women ranging in age from mid-twenties through late fifties. The strategies that are highlighted throughout the book offer guidance that can be integrated immediately into ones life for overcoming life’s challenges and creating greater happiness and fulfillment. Each strategy focuses on the relationship with oneself, with others, and the building of a support network. Behind the Therapy Door will help the reader to:

  • Develop a comfort zone with oneself and appreciate time alone
  • Unleash personal empowerment
  • Transform relationships through better communication
  • Create and sustain reliable support networks
  • Balance love, work, and fun
  • Save years of unneeded struggle
  • Discover lasting fulfillment

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