Love and Your Brain

Everything changes when you feel love, especially your brain. Valentine’s Day reminds us to take stock and acknowledge what matters most – the connection we feel for others. Think about the people in your life with whom you experience love. Learn to “fire up” your brain and feel more love and intimacy in your life. The truth is we can celebrate the people we care about most in our lives on a regular basis and not only special occasions.

Happy Couple
Happy Couple

Love creates a powerful force that connects us all. It is the energy that runs through us like electricity. We feel it through touch, through words spoken kindly, through gestures and actions, and when we feel truly heard. Sometimes we are tuned into its presence and sometimes in our haste we remain oblivious.

Keys to Firing Up the Brain to Experience More Love:

  • Tolerating difficult feelings through abdominal breathing and learning mindfulness through meditation and constructive rest
  • Actively listening to your friends or partner by paying attention to nonverbal cues as well as the spoken words
  • Sharing your own thoughts and feelings as a critical part of the dialogue, helping to strengthen the connection with your partner
  • Self-disclosure leads to greater openness, deepens the bond and builds trust into the relationship
  • Practicing unconditional kindness leads to a stronger and healthier relationship, where your partner feels more appreciated and is likely to reciprocate
  • Improving your capacity for compromise by understanding each others needs and wishes and being willing to meet half way or sometimes to give it up
  • Building patience during difficult times by remembering to take some deep breaths and reminding yourself that this impasse is temporary

Put the love out into the universe without waiting for it to come to you and watch what happens. Everyday is an opportunity to create or expand the experience of love.

What’s one action you can take to bring more love into your life?


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