Transformational Mind-Body-Spirit Retreat

There is a powerful movement all around us. Can you feel it? Women are transforming, using their intuition and coming together to make a difference in their personal lives and in the world.

Athena: Goddess of Wisdom
Athena: Goddess of Wisdom

This weekend twenty women met at the Sanctuary Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona to look deeply inside themselves, learn some vital strategies, speak their truths and figure out how to access their beauty and wisdom.

Dena Patton, founder of Chat Chew & Chocolate, organized the retreat and invited speakers (Ali Vincent from the reality show The Biggest Loser; Martha Beck, writer for Oprah magazine; Randi Smith-Todorovski, martial arts and yoga instructor; and your own Dr.RKG, to teach, lead and participate in dynamic conversations, experiential exercises and workshops.

We practiced yoga and meditated, ate chocolate and fabulous health food, and, we shared our stories. We told stories of each of us bearing pain and loss. Each of us discovering how to move forward and be the extraordinary women we were meant to be.

Creating the balance of rest and play became one of the central themes, so that we are filled, rejuvenated and able to go back in an empowered way into the multiple roles we assume as women.

Martha Beck talked about Athena the Goddess of Wisdom as being a wonderful metaphor for women today. She explained that we are moving away from the patriarchal order of Zeus the God of War. We need to embrace our emotional and spiritual selves and tap into the collective wisdom of women.

Unlike men – who when stressed enter the “fight or flight response” – women generally have a very different instinctual response to stress called “tend and befriend.” We like to gather with our friends and family and share our experiences. Women by nature are intuitive beings and often ‘steer their course by starlight’.

We are preparing for a transformation of consciousness in an age of wisdom. According to Martha we are entering the new age of enlightenment, which will be championed by women.

Love and compassion alter the experience of pain and suffering. That same love and compassion will guide us through the darkness of war and the destruction of our planet.

To embrace our love and compassion, first we must heal ourselves through self-care and fulfilling relationships. Then when our hearts are full we will be able to overflow healing energy to all the other people in our lives.

Practice going through your day with self-love. Whenever your mind drifts away from that place, gently bring your awareness back to self-love and compassion. This is how we move into the awareness of Athena, the ability to feel our sense of joy, peace and humanity.

What do you need to do to better love yourself?


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