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Throughout our lives we are faced with challenges, transitions and losses. How can you find the strength and grace to let go of what is lost? It is about thriving…not just surviving.

I’m Dr. Randy Kamen. For the past thirty years I have worked as a psychologist and life coach with women facing struggles and losses. I have often observed that women experience an overwhelming sense of loneliness and isolation when they are dealing with such issues.

DrKamen.com is dedicated to inspiring women to find balance in life and learn strategies to achieve happiness. One of the key strategies for finding balance and happiness is developing the capacity t be resilient.

Resilience means moving forward and flourishing in the face of adversity. And going on to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Learn to tolerate difficult emotions. Self–regulate, self–soothe, self–nurture. Develop insight and mindfulness. Train your brain to be more flexible and hopeful. Learn to integrate affirmations into your everyday life.

Empowerment. Authenticity. Use this empowerment to build healthy and fulfilling relationships that sustain you and help you to feel enriched and connected.

Develop hope and optimism as you navigate through life so that you can reach your goals, your dreams, your full potential.

Together we will develop greater balance in our live and more successful strategies for happiness.

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