What does your inner child want?

Becky, art teacher, a mother of one son who just left for college, shared with me that she knew she had a really big purpose, but she felt stuck.

“I don’t know where to begin.” She shared.

When I asked her when this feeling of purpose first came to her, she said when 5 years old.

“Who or what has helped you get clear about your purpose?” I asked.

She told me that she’d been trying to figure that out for herself all of these years and never shared this with anyone until now. That was why she felt so supremely stuck.

Our life purpose and the desire to truly embrace it, often feels big, scary, unique, and not always consciously known by even ourselves. 

This belief can keep us separate, isolated and small.

Becky felt alone in her vision and until now had never expressed her unformed dream to anyone. She pictured greatness and making contributions but didn’t know what that would look or feel like.

The beginning of Becky’s quest to sort out her purpose began with her ability to connect with someone who cared and wanted to listen to her ideas. We connected and that gave her a platform to play and consider ideas.

Living your purpose transcends ego because you’re tapping into your deepest truth about who you are and why you are here.

In our conversations Becky recollected that she used to love to paint and sketch in high school and in college. It had been so long since she picked up a brush or piece of charcoal.

She used to fantasize about being a great artist whose work would be shown around the world in museums and galleries. Then life happened, children and work came and she stopped painting and sketching altogether.

Yet here it was again, that long ago dream resurfaced. Becky became exquisitely clear that making her artwork was the missing piece in her life. She now knew that one of the important ways that she needed to express herself and connect with others was through this medium.

When she painted she knew she was home. Becky felt happier, more complete and connected and somehow felt more plugged in to the greater whole.

What purpose do you feel deep within that is bubbling forth to come to life?

Perhaps you can start brainstorming ideas and sharing them so that you can hone in on what moves you deep inside.

What did you love to do when you were growing up–something that deeply engaged your undivided attention?

As always, I look forward to hearing from you!


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