What does YOUR morning feel like?

What does your morning usually feel like?

Jessica told me that every morning she woke up and headed into the bathroom. She stared into her tired eyes, scanned her flabby body and cursed the day ahead.

No wonder she felt overwhelmed, exhausted and depressed!

Every morning you have a choice about how you show up in the world. The messages that run through your mind even before your eyes open dictate how your day will play.

“This day is going to suck. I’ve got appointments all day.” “I have to go to the dentist today.” “My co-workers are such a drag.” “I have to make dinner for my in-laws tonight.” etc.

Telling yourself about what you ‘should do’ and ‘have to do’ more than likely sets you up for a miserable day. It takes you away from ‘choice’ and being in the present moment with what lies ahead which might be just fine.

Setting yourself up with negative perception in the morning puts you on a trajectory about what ultimately goes down. You’re at the helm of how your day plays out.

It has everything to do with your choices, perceptions and reactions.

When making choices about how your want your day to unfold consider taking full ownership of your actions and responses rather than becoming resentful or a victim.

We choose the path we go down every step of the way. If we make choices that support our best lives then our lives work better and we feel more empowered. If this is not the case, it behooves us to make other better decisions or have an attitude adjustment.

For example, no one has to go to the dentist. Your teeth can rot and you can risk losing them. You don’t have to entertain your in-laws. You choose to do this because it makes your relationship with your partner better. You choose to make appointments and experiences because in some way they benefit your life and the greater good.

Do you sometimes feel like the choices you make are out of your control?

Frustration and stress come when you imagine how bad a future experience is going to be. You color your experiences with these thoughts. Remaining open minded and open hearted can positively shift the same experience that we thought about negatively

Your perceptions are inextricably woven into your direct experience of joy.

The good news is that how you interpret life events is up to you. You have the potential to train your brain, to master your thoughts and to visualize your experiences from a more positive perspective.

Consider how much better your day would go if you woke up focused on the possibilities of the day ahead rather than dreading the challenges.

What do you want to create on this magical day?

As always I welcome your thoughts and comments. I read them all!


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