What matters the most to you?

Knowing what matters most to you and “why” informs your choices, your goals and likely the vision you hold for your life.

It makes the path moving forward more clear and far more pleasurable. According to Simon Sinek everyone’s “why” is to make a difference and contribute to something bigger than themselves.

What impact do you want to make? With your family? Work? Community? The world?
A client I will call Beth was experiencing a great deal of burn-out as an ER physician. She started feeling depressed and suffered from frequent migraines.

She had known that her “why” was to help heal people in crisis. However, over the years what Beth cared about most of all shifted. Now with young children at home she felt compelled to be home with them and to have more predictable hours.

She held a deep desire to make a difference but in a way that was aligned with her current life. Beth ultimately joined a group practice where her life felt more balanced and within her control. She remained true to her passion for her family life and for making a difference.

If you know your “why”, then working towards that goal rarely feels overwhelming or stressful. You still encounter challenges but because you know where you’re headed you don’t get derailed easily or for long.

When you’re working hard for something that doesn’t matter to you, then you likely experience stress especially when things go awry.

On the other hand when you’re fully committed to what you do or a project you love, then you are energetically in alignment. Challenges are perceived as bumps in the road rather than stress or overwhelm.

What matters most to you…and why?

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