What we learned from our beloved Kooper

The day before my first webinar I faced another of life’s terrible losses. We had to put down our beautiful, majestic Portuguese Waterdog, Kooper.

He slid peacefully into eternal sleep and, though we celebrate his full and very well loved life, the pain and sadness remains palpable.

What our family learned is immeasurable. He brought us together at some challenging times and was always a comfort for each of us individually and as a family.

Here are some lessons learned from our beloved Kooper:

1. Enjoy the journey.

2. Basic needs always must be addressed first.

3. Eat with total sheer delight.

4. It’s always great to play outside and get messy.

5. Live in the moment.

6. Don’t hold onto grudges.

7. Sit and listen when some is sad or needs to talk.

8. Be loyal and dependable.

9. Play every single day.

10. Love unconditionally.

His life was a blessing for so, so many. May he rest in peace.



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