Write, Publish, and Promote Your Book

Have you noticed how time can slip away and the work that you’re most passionate about can get lost in the demands of everyday life?

That can change, however, when you commit to getting the support, guidance, and accountability that is likely lacking in your life with regard to your book.

How different the process could be if you were committed to working within the context of a community of health care leaders that are dedicated to writing their books as well. Together the process is more motivating, compelling, and pleasurable.

For this reason I put together a group of like minded souls to begin a six-month journey together where each person will receive individual attention, group training sessions, and a destination writing retreat on Martha’s Vineyard.

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Hear What Other's Have to Say

"My experience with Dr. Randy Kamen's 'Write, Publish, and Promote Your Book' online course has been tremendous.  It has been essential in not only assisting me with actually writing my first book, but also understanding how to navigate various aspects of book promotion.  I have appreciated all of her guidance, passion, and the opportunity to engage with others in the same situation."

Tish Taylor
Tish Taylor, Ph.D.

With the Training Program called “Write, Publish, and Promote Your Book” we will be meeting online and live on Zoom. Each session will be recorded so that if you need to miss a session the sessions will continue to be available to you for as long as you like.

There will also be an exclusive Facebook group available only to those that who are in the group. This will be a laboratory of sorts for you to continue to share your work, ask questions, get valuable articles, worksheets,and feedback.

The learning curve will undoubtably catapult you into the next phase of bringing your book to life and out into the world in a significant way.