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Striving to create a meaningful website and blog, DrKamen: Gaining Balance and Strategies for Happiness, I write several posts each week. When the blog launched in January 2010, writing these posts felt like a daunting task. I labored over the composition of each one. Now several months and 70 posts later, I feel as though I found my stride, with the help of your insightful comments and encouragement.

The 10 Keys to Balancing Love, Work and Fun by Dr. Randy Kamen e-book cover
The 10 Keys to Balancing Love, Work and Fun by Dr. Randy Kamen

To address the main focus of the blog – balance and happiness – I would like to share with you my first e-Book, The 10 Keys to Balancing Love, Work and Fun. Please read it at your leisure and recommend it to your friends and colleagues. 

In the e-Book you will read…

The multiple roles of women sometimes take us down an unhealthy and unhappy path. Women in our culture inevitably feel like we are not doing enough, regardless of what path we choose. As we juggle being daughters, sisters, mothers, partners, workers, and homemakers – we need to discover ways to be true to ourselves about what feels most important. The challenge is to incorporate the activities we must do with the activities that we want to do for ourselves. Then, regardless of how hectic our lives become, we feel that we are living authentically and tapping into what is closest to our hearts.

The 10 Keys to Balancing Love, Work and Fun was written with you in mind. You will find simple and effective strategies for creating more balance and happiness in your everyday life.

Although adding to anyone’s to do list seems counter-intuitive considering how extraordinarily busy most of us tend to be, I encourage you to practice the keys that resonate with you. Most of the keys discussed do not require a major time commitment.

Start with small steps and you are more likely to be successful in the ongoing process of balancing your life. By eventually integrating all of The 10 Keys to Balancing Love, Work and Fun, I know you will feel more energized, enriched and enlivened.

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I would love to know your thoughts and read your comments regarding any of the keys. Share your own tips for balancing love, work and fun.

What do you think is the most important key to finding balance in work, love and fun?


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