Your Nest is Empty…Now What?

After all of those years of carpooling, extracurricular activities, sports events, trekking to school meetings, assorted lessons and weekly playdates, Michelle’s kiddies were launched.

First college and now they both found jobs in New York City—two hundred miles away. She planned getaways to the big apple and family vacations twice a year.

The rest of the time she immersed herself in her part time job, social engagements and philanthropic work. But the heartache of her empty nest was ever present.

What are you experiencing as a result of your empty nest?

In the lulls between her commitments a deep sadness would prevail. Michelle often dreamt about her children and occasionally sat in their rooms just to smell their presence and remember precious moments.


Do you sometimes feel a sense of loss that you can’t seem to shake?

This transition is epic and does not resolve easily for many. The feelings that can emerge are often painful—regardless of how well planned this time may be.

Michelle knew that this was her time and as difficult as it was, she was going to whatever was necessary to reclaim her beautiful and precious life.

Do you believe that you can lead a more fulfilled life and become…

  • more committed to optimal self care
  • happier and more connected in your relationships
  • mentally prepared to focus on what’s most important
  • lead a more joyful and meaningful life
  • live the life you’ve always envisioned for yourself!

If you feel that you’re stuck or want to cultivate the ability to effectively move forward in your life—I look forward to connecting with you.



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